Interview: The Administrator of the Sanctuary Darkweb Market

Following the Sanctuary Market hack, I reached out to the marketplace admin for a statement on the incident. The admin, Darkmarket, explained the situation in a few words for a DeepDotWeb article on the topic. And upon reading some of my other write-ups, the admin generously provided me with his thoughts from “behind the scenes.”

An Interview with the Sanctuary Market Admin

“Down Before We Started”

“I manage the Megapack community [in addition to the Sanctuary Market]! It was the first private forum for vendors from different marketplaces to exchange experiences, news and to fix prices in order to avoid dumping,” the admin told me.

Megapack is a community of vendors who contribute by adding items when they joined us. On March the last update released 80,000 digital items about all categories.

“This is to receive new buyers and to prevent scams.”

More vendors join The Megapack community and the pack of items is growing up, while the fixed price $130 will never change.

We recently made the decision to change our hosting provider.

Our previous hosting provider didn’t want to reduce prices. […] Prices are expensive for our community with around 60 onion sites and shops, and he didn’t want to reduce prices.

At this time a member of our community offered to host for us all our sites for free as a contributor.

“So we decided to change hosting and gave him the keys of our business.”

Cipher0007, the HugBunter of 2017

“Cipher0007 came like a hero to test this new market,” the admin said. “I appreciate that [he did this]. But he found vulnerabilities about the server and exploited them.”

What I am not satisfied with that he did not contact me to let me know.Since the [time between his] post on Reddit and after he hacked the site and exposed the flaws publicly, we received several attacks on the server.

Now some hackers have asked ransom in exchange for not leaking the private docs of our hosting provider (doxing). Some hackers cloned our sites. Some hackers damaged some sites. Now all sites and stores of my community do not work. Profits stopped.

Sanctuary to Reopen Under a New Name

Fortunately we have experts in security who are working together to fix server issues. We will [re]open soon with new onion domain names and new hosting. That is the power of darknet. It is what buyers maybe don’t know about marketplaces, stores…

I would like to specify that the multiple vulnerabilities affected the server only.

The Sanctuary market, as the name implies, is a place for vendors to do business. No Bitcoin stored, no commission on transactions. That is to prevent rumors about exit scam or stolen bitcoins. First of all we have intention to do business with trusted vendors only. They are at the heart of quality of products and services on the market. They are contacted by our ambassadors, and welcomed by our moderators.

That is one reason why they accept to pay vendor fees. One part [of the fee] is for the management of the market admin and staff, while another part is collected to refund unsatisfied customers.

The Sanctuary needs the other marketplaces to create and provide popular vendors who can be selected to join our marketplace.

“The vendor fees include an option/opportunity for a vendor to become owner of a custom shop with a onion domain name and hosting.”

  • They can become moderators.

  • Moderators can become owners of marketplaces after 6 months.

Vendors are always over busy and it’s not easy to make appointment for all in same time. We need to plan different groups for the best communication. On DNMs, vendors, like business men, target only the future. They cannot stay in past. Some of us see today like past already…

Hope that will help you see another vision for ‘business’ on the DNMs.


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