Darkweb Vendors and the Basic Opsec Mistakes They Keep Making

Law enforcement agencies are no longer in the dark when investigating involving darkweb vendors. Simple information leakage and a basic lack of compartmentalization end a vendor’s career. And vendors continue to make the same fundamental mistakes. Below are some examples of darkweb vendor caught due to the some of the most basic OPSEC failures possible. Emil Babadjov aka Blime-Sub and BTH-Overdose Babadjov had a fairly brief career but made a surprising number of mistakes, many of which led to his arrest and subsequent incarceration.

Tor2Web Proxies Are Using Google Analytics to Secretly Track Users

Tor2Web and similar hidden service reverse proxies are categorically awful. Almost every public Tor2Web server is giving your “Tor” browsing history to Google. Some don’t. Some exist only to steal cryptocurrency or facilitate fraud. All of them leave users open to detection. This will likely be the first of many articles about Tor2Web and Web2Tor proxies. Once I finish investigating some of the more malicious ones, I will publish another drafted article about hidden service proxies and phishing.

Case Breakdown: Matthew Yensan aka Lexie

Matthew Yensan, an alprazolam vendor from Raleigh, North Carolina, just received a 78-month prison sentence for distributing producing alprazolam and selling it on the darknet, dealing with the proceeds of a crime, and having several firearms while committing said crime. The DEA’s investigation into the 25-year-old involved some bizarre characters in unrelated court cases, weird neighbors, and a handful of unknowns.

Interview: The Creator of the Darknet Search Engine "Fresh Onions"

In light of the $365,000 in Bitcoin phishing scheme, I thought this conversation with the owner of Fresh Onions would be fitting. Fresh Onions is an open source darknet market crawler and search engine. Unlike Grams, Fresh Onions crawls the darknet in its entirety and marks fake sites when possible. An Interview with the Creator of a Darknet Search Engine The timing worked well and abruptdismissal, the creator, gladly gave information on fake or cloned hidden services.

Interview: An Administrator of the Outlaw Darkweb Market

Outlaw Market, a darknet marketplace that ride the line between unpopular and trustworthy, disappeared overnight without leaving a trace. To anyone but the one marketplace admin who claims no knowledge of any conspiracy, the vanishing act was an exit scam. One of the few market admins, however, claimed I the market would not have exit scammed and that something else—perhaps more sinister—had happened. As with the majority of the interviews I conduct, I let the admin do most of the talking.