Caleb Cress


I am a student and developer with a love of technology and programming. I write both front and back end code with my experience stemming from web developement. I first learned HTML when I started middle school this began my interest in web developement which later widened into programming in general. I've enjoyed learning and writing new code every day since advancing my knowledge to broader and more complex topics.


I've programmed in JS, Python, Java, and C# and am currently learning Go. I have built large web apps with React, NodeJS, and MySQL. I've also made 3D games in Unity with C#.


I am a member of Team 1540 where I am the Application Software Department Manager. I was an intern at Whitman Partners where I developed a react app that using there MySQL database provided a Web based rewards program for there clients. The app was complete with an admin page and portion for recruiters to search and give points to there directors. I have also worked on many smaller projects that can be viewed on my Github.


Feel free to checkout my blog here where I discuss anything programming related that interests me.